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Karneval 05 - Touya Mikanagi

And Yogi is such a precious crybaby. Can I snuggle him, too? Although he's not actually three feet tall, he frequently sometimes acts like it. I'll just....scoop him up and ruffle his hair. Yeah. (3


The poor baby is afraid of Akari. Akari. I mean, who would even.....? Awwww, Yogi. I can't believe I didn't like you. Somebody needs to shoot my past self.


Or well, no. Not a shot to kill, because if my past self died, then I wouldn't have learned to adore Yogi like I do now, and.....ummm, just beat up my past self and tell her to look more closely at Yogi, because he's the sweetest thing ever. I mean, how could I not adore someone who loves kids so much? Yogi treats them like they're precious, fragile, adorable little things - which they are. But REALLY, it's the most darling thing I've ever seen. (3 (3 (3