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Karneval 05 - Touya Mikanagi

Yogi (after Gareki says that friends have nothing to do with him): "What do you think of me, then?"


Gareki (puzzled): "You're.....someone from Circus?"


Yogi (hurt, because he wants to be friends with everyone): "Why something that feels so distant?! Then what about Nai-chan?!"


Gareki (slowly): "....A reluctant relatoinship, I guess....?"


Yogi (shocked, his feelings hurt again): "That's not fair! That has more warmth! You're just teasing me! Right, Gareki?"


Gareki (completely flat tone of voice): "Not really."


I can't even......these characters are too perfect. (3 Since when has a "reluctant" relationship been warm in any way? Hahahaha. Poor Yogi.


And poor Gareki. I bet he's still wondering how he got mixed up in this mess, with Nai stuck to him like a burr. And Yogi's kind of like a burr too, actually. A big, warm, huggable, sweet, friendly, noisy burr.


(3 (3 (3