Karneval, Vol. 6

Karneval 06 - Touya Mikanagi

Another perfect heart-covered five stars for Karneval. I may possibly love this series too much? Maybe? Or maybe it's just late and my sleepy-eyed obsession is kicking in. (I'll totally wake up in the morning and still be obsessed.)


Reasons for my obsession include: Hirato, Nai, Tsukumo, Akari-chan, Karoku, Jiki, Tsuki-chan, etc. I have my usual rants - I wish Gareki would stop with the dramatic poses and just stand up straight, and Hirato's head is too small, but I love Gareki, so I don't care too much . . . and Hirato is perfection itself, so I honestly couldn't care less what his appearance is.


Hiratooooooo. *bubbles hearts* (Here's where you realize this is not a coherent or organized review. Or did you realize that earlier?) He's one of my favorite characters ever. Ever. And since I literally have thousands of favorite characters, that's saying something. But I love Hirato as much as the best of them - he is perfect, okay? He's such a jerk, but he's sweet, and evil, and creepy, and - and I don't even know how to describe him, because I don't want to know what he's thinking half the time. But I adore him. And I love his relationships - with Gareki, with Akari-chan, with Tsukumo and Tsuki-chan, I just love them all so much together.


Poor, poor precious baby darling Akari-chan, having to deal with Hirato all the time. I don't know whether to cry on his behalf or just snicker at him. And unfortunately, when I need to make this decision, I usually end up snickering. I'm sorry, baby darling Akari-chan. I don't mean it, but I just . . . I love you so much, okay? You and your little marshmallowy rabbit pet thing that you love so much. Your cranky adorableness is off the charts.


And now I'm talking to the characters. In my fangirling rant review. What am I, 60% asleep?


I love all of them so much, though. *random bubbling hearts for entire cast* I want to go back in time and smack some sense into my past self, because she didn't love Yogi. I mean, how can you not love Yogi? He's such a precious sweetheart, and he loves them all so much, and he tries so hard, but he's so pathetically terrified of Akari-chan . . . who is possibly the least scary person in Karneval. And Yogi loves children so much - how can I not love someone who treats every single little kid in the world like they're the most precious little thing he's ever seen?


Anyway, my past self needs to be beat up. And my present self needs to go to bed before the raving gets out of hand.


(Have I said that "Karoku" is a beautiful name? Because it is. And I adore him so much.)

Well, both of him. Um. This is getting complicated.

(show spoiler)

I should just shut up now, but I just really really love Karoku, okay?


And Nai. My little baby Nai. He's possibly the sweetest and most precious little thing I've ever seen (and yes, Yogi does in fact treat him as such). Nai gives me just a little bit of hope for the human race, you know? And it takes a lot to make me think that.


Jiki, on the other hand, takes away that ray of hope. Good grief, Jiki - you failed the omake personality test? Pfft. How do you even do that? *bubbles hearts*


And precious Tsukumo - I'm running out of fond words in my vocabulary, you may have noticed - was determined to save the test guy no matter what. Perfect little Tsukumo, I don't rant enough about how much I adore you. Don't ever change, sweetheart. *more gigantic bubbling hearts*


And oh, by the way, I love Tsuki-chan to pieces. He's sooooooooo perfect. *extensive bubbling hearts* I can't decide if he's the worst leader a ship could have, or the best one, but I love him either way.


I just want to scoop up all - well, okay, most - of them and give them hugs and kisses. And yeah, I know most of them would beat me up for trying it, but I don't care. It'd be worth it. They're my precious baby darlings, after all.


Oh, and on a side note - even aside from the characters, this volume was completely awesome. Lots of action and answers, yay. But I have a ton more questions now, of course. Most of them are circling Karoku's head like satellites. If this was a real review, I'd post a ton of spoilery guesses and comments here, but I'm too lazy tired to do that right now.


*continues bubbling hearts while staggering off to bed*