Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 200 pages.

Karneval 07 - Touya Mikanagi

A few important notes: Jiki is on the cover. Jikiiiiiii. *bubbles hearts* Honestly, I think the guy was designed to be dislikeable (should that word have an extra "e" in it?), but for some reason I love him. He's hypocritical, he's a jerk, he's self-obsessed, and yet somehow he manages to be a good guy anyway. And he's adorable, for some reason. Probably the glasses. Anyway, that's not actually a great picture of him (his outfit is awful and I don't even know what he's doing with that silly pose) but I love him so much I don't care. (Why do I love him? WHY? Usually I despise characters like him, but Jiki's awesome. I confuse myself.)


Next important note: this is the first volume that wasn't represented in the anime, so yaaay! Actually, the anime was really good (one of few anime I actually like), but it still isn't anywhere as good as the manga.


Thirs and last important note: Karoku is safe!!!! *bubbles LOTS of hearts* He might wake up in this volume or not, but he's my baby and I adore him (even when he's evil), so I AM SO HAPPY HE'S SAFE. THANK YOU AKARI-CHAN. *bubbles a ton more hearts for Akari-chan*


*shuts up before this gets even more ridiculous than it already is*