Reading progress update: I've read 48 out of 360 pages.

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

I don't get this author. On the one hand, her writing is really full of itself - like it thinks it's awesome and looks down its nose at anyone who doesn't agree. Ugh. It makes my head hurt. Some of the descriptions are so stupid I barely even understand what she's trying to say.


But then, here and there, I find just one sentence that is perfect. Something that's funny and descriptive and really true, and I have no clue how it got thrown in with the rest of the junk.


Oh, and I adore the characters, of course. That's why I'm reading this, really - and so far, Noah and Adam don't seem to be around much. I'm missing them. :( I guess even annoying writing can't always ruin a set of completely awesome characters, huh?