More complaints: Page 20

Cast in Sorrow - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West

Yeah, that's how long I've had these notes stashed in there. Since page 20. :(


But okay, here we go!


On page 20, for the first time ever, Kaylin wonders if maybe Nightshade has, or once had, children. For. The. First. Time. Ever.


Wow. I mean, Nightshade is thousands of years old, right? No one even knows how old he is. And Kaylin has known him literally her entire life - or well, at least she's known of him for her entire life. But she never once wondered if maybe he had a family?


That isn't what bothers me most, though - I mean, Kaylin's stupidity is legendary, why would I complain in Book 9 about it? No. What bothers me most is that she thinks the idea of Nightshade having a family is "arresting and disturbing".


Uh . . . why? Because you don't want him to have a family? You don't want him to be happy? You don't even want him to have had a family thousands of years ago? It wouldn't even affect you if he had, it would just mean he might've been happy once, right? I'm at a loss to see why that's disturbing to you.


Kaylin isn't usually a witch, she's just pathetic and annoying. But that was a witchy thing to say.