Continuing Complaints (Sooo sorry for spamming your dashboard. *cries*)

Cast in Sorrow - Michelle Sagara, Michelle Sagara West

Did I mention that Kaylin is repetitive? No? Because she is. She hasn't done anything new in literally four or five books. She hasn't grown or evolved as a character at all. Sigh.


On page 22, I found this:


"The light doesn't breech it."


I think you meant "breach", Kaylin. But it's just a typo, so I guess I'll forgive you. It's probably only in my copy of the book anyway - lots of beautiful paperback copies out there are most likely typo-free.


On page 30, look at the similarities between these two descriptions:


.....Her shaking arms fell, as if they weighed too much to be lifted. But they stopped at the height of her heart, palms open again, and waiting.


......The Consort trembled for one immobile moment before she steadied herself and opened her eyes. Her eyes were Barrani-blue. Her arms were trembling, but she held them before her, palms once again empty and open.


Just no. And also, if you're trembling for a moment, it means that THE MOMENT IS NOT IMMOBILE. Because trembling is a subtle type of movement, right? You can't be immobile and tremble at the same time, it's a direct contradiction.


On page 58, this annoyed me:


She was reminded that Barrani weren't human when she entered the dining hall.


No, really? I mean, the Barrani are one of five or six races that live in the world with you. You've grown up around them. You know they aren't human, right? They don't look human or act human or think human. Why would you have forgotten that they aren't human - especially when you've been traveling across the country with dozens of them surrounding you for weeks or months or however long it's been?


I don't ever forget that Gimli is a dwarf, you know. Or that Crookshanks is a cat. Heck, I don't even forget that Dustfinger is a character from a novel, and he actually seems human!


Ugh. Kaylin. I want her to die and be replaced with a heroine who has brains, please.


On page 63, for some reason, Kaylin and Nightshade decided to give us an infodump in the form of a story . . . which tells us stuff we already knew. More clumsy ways to connect this book to its predecessors. The story felt totally disconnected from the stuff around it, it doesn't feel like it belongs there.


On page 69, the narrative feels the need to remind us that we should feel sorry for poor Kaylin the human. Again.


She froze. She was accustomed to being the butt of several jokes; she was even accustomed to condescension. Respect, when it was offered, made her ill at ease.


First, she's a low-ranking cop surrounded by immortal, graceful magical beings. Of course she's going to be condescended to, and not just by the nobles in this particular scene. And second, she's a Lord of the High Court, and she has been for seven books (I think). This means that the Barrani have been showing her respect for seven books, and yet I'm supposed to believe that she still freezes when one of them bows to her?


Especially since she's wearing a revered magical dress and she's an important figure in an upcoming ceremony. Personally, I'd only think it was weird if they didn't show her some respect.


Oh, wait. I guess Kaylin hasn't grown or evolved since the first book, so okay, maybe she'd still feel exactly as she did back then. But seriously, book, don't remind me that she hasn't grown. It's not going to help your rating.