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The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

And while I'm at it, Gansey, you need to be slapped, too. I get that you don't agree with Ronan's religion - whatever it is - but blowing it off and throwing science in his face is just unforgivable. That's why it's called religion, that's why there's a word for it that ISN'T science.


I can't even describe how horrible it is that Ronan says he thinks going to the psychics will put his soul - HIS SOUL, OKAY - in danger, and Gansey throws science at him and tells him to do it anyway. If Ronan believes he has a soul and the psychics will mess it up, shouldn't a good friend stay out of the argument or tell Blue to back off and leave him alone? Because, you know, Ronan thinks his SOUL IS AT STAKE HERE?


Whether Gansey believes that or not, shouldn't he accept that Ronan believes it and that it's an idea that's important to him? That it shouldn't just be brushed aside?


Ugh. Normally Gansey has more respect/sense/compassion than this. I'm just really sensitive about respecting other people's religions, okay, and Gansey hit a trigger here.