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The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

Also - how come it's always sixteen percent of a group? I mean, if you have a hundred guys standing right here, and three miles that way there's another hundred milling around, would exactly sixteen from each group fall sick? Or maybe thirteen from one group and nineteen from the other? Mm?


They're making it sound like it's always sixteen percent of every group, not sixteen percent of the population. So all they'd really have to do is split their people up, fifteen or less to a group, and they wouldn't lose anybody, right?




Good thing there weren't a thousand villagers somewhere exposing themselves at the same time as Elend's troops, or else his perfect percentages might've been skewed.


.......Oh wait, nevermind, they actually wouldn't be, because the villagers would count as one group and Elend's guys as another. Instead of fifty-one thousand casualties being randomly distributed across all the people, it would be sixteen percent of Elend's fifty thousand and sixteen percent separately of the thousand villagers.


I sure hope Sanderson comes up with an adequate explanation for all this nonsense....