Reading progress update: I've read 180 out of 526 pages.

The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

More random notes:


1) I love Allrianne. :)


2) This quote:


He sat softly for a moment, then made a fist, gritting his teeth in frustration.


That sounds almost like Sanderson doesn't know proper English, although I'm pretty sure he does. How on earth does a person sit "softly"? He isn't seating himself softly because he was already sitting down. Is he sitting there with a soft expression on his face? Is he sitting in a big, cushioned, soft chair? Is he sitting quietly? That last is how I'd translate it, I suppose, because softly actually makes no sense. 


3) At one point, Spook finds his friends and leads them into a dark building, then acts like he's completely forgotten that they can't see in the dark like he can - right after Breeze and Sazed were quite obviously shocked by how oddly his super-extra-special powers have affected him, which you'd think would remind Spook that he's a Tineye (in the unlikely case that he ever managed to forget it).


Umm, Spook just isn't that stupid, especially since the narration in his chapters seems determined to hammer the fact of his super-ultra-mega-special powers into my skull every second paragraph or so. Believe me, he and I have both been reminded of them often enough to not forget that he's *gasp* different! So I don't know what his sudden forgetfulness was all about - drama, maybe? Or perhaps Sanderson was trying to (un)subtly smash that repetition hammer into my head again?


4) At another point, Spook opens a trapdoor and climbs down a ladder into the darkness, leaving their lantern behind......and then he acts like he can see down there. Let me point out that no matter how enhanced his vision is, he can't see if there is no light. That ladder was inside a closed-up building and it's the middle of the night, and there's no way that little lantern had enough light to bounce all the way down below. If there's no light at all, none, he can't see, I don't care how extra-super-special his powers are.