Reading progress update: I've read 191 out of 526 pages.

The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

Why is it taking me so long to read this darned book? It isn't a bad book. I whine and complain about it a lot, but seriously it's not a bad book. It makes my head hurt, but I am enjoying it - especially the parts without Elend.


So, I've decided that I need help to read more of this and faster. Every time I see Elend I think of Uriel, so he's going to help me out.



This is Uriel. He's amazing. He's an angel - a slightly dark and sarcastic angel, admittedly, but still an angel. And you know what? He's flawed. FLAWED, Elend. Mwahaha. You have no idea how disdainful Uriel would be of you and your silly white suits.


So, Uriel is going to help me. :) Any time I get stuck because of Elend (he's seriously the only reason I get stuck), I'm going to think of Uriel's theoretical reaction to Elend and it's going to get me unstuck immediately.


Trust me. This works. I've had helpers before for books I couldn't get through - most often Vincent Nightray, but for some reason I like Uriel better for Elend.......maybe because he's dark and Elend's glowing saintly white suits annoy me......


Everything about Elend annoys me these days.