Reading progress update: I've read 260 out of 526 pages.

The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

And while I'm on the subject, before I get too lazy to scribble again, yet more random notes:


1) After finding about the fact that the koloss

are actually warped humans,

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Elend says that they "can't afford to lost any more people, even koloss".......which makes it sound an awful lot like he actually thinks less of them now than he did before. Shouldn't he, I don't know, express some sympathy or compassion or start contemplating a way to help them somehow? Rather than keep using them as badly treated slaves? I mean,


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2) The TenSoon storyline is such a repetitive, disjointed mess. It has so little to do with the main storyline that I almost wish TenSoon didn't exist in this book. And I loved him so much in the last one. :(


3) SHUT UP ABOUT VIN'S CLOTHING, SANDERSON. I already got it, she wears pants and shirts instead of dresses. I understood the first seventy-thousand times you brought it up, so quit treating me like I'm too stupid to remember.


4) Same with pewter. GAH. If I have to hear ONE MORE TIME about how pewter makes people stronger and more resistant, my head is going to explode. Do you have to re-describe every single one of the metal's properties EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY USE IT, Sanderson?!


5) Vin keeps shutting up Elend with gestures, so that he won't theorize aloud and let Ruin (who can apparently hear everything that everyone says everywhere in the world, all at once) know what they're all thinking. She technically doesn't have to do this, because she already told Elend aloud that he has to be careful what he says, in case Ruin hears him. THIS MEANS THAT RUIN ALREADY KNOWS THEY KNOW. SO VIN CAN STOP WITH THE STUPID MYSTERIOUS GESTURES, SINCE RUIN ALREADY KNOWS YOU'RE ONTO HIS OMNISCIENCE. Just saying aloud, "Hey, Elend, stop talking about all that important stuff," isn't going to hurt you any more than your gestures are.


6) If Ruin can hear everything, who says he can't see everything, too? I mean, if he can spy on and pay attention to thousands or millions of people all at once, I think it's safe to say that he can see you guys everywhere too, right? Especially since he can change messages and such, which implies that he can see.


7) My gosh, Spook is stupid in this book. He knew Kelsier, right? I mean personally. He actually worked and talked with the guy - heck, Kelsier even named him. So why the heck doesn't it occur to him that hey, maybe Kelsier's acting a little bit weird?......Kind of, you know, unlike himself?



Why did Vin find out that koloss are made with spikes, and instantly Elend jumped to the conclusion that Inquisitors and kandra are made the exact same way? Especially the kandra - Elend was never given any evidence that the Kandra have spikes in them anywhere.


In fact, what with all of Sanderson's talk about them oozing through tiny cracks and such, it seems an awful lot like they didn't have spikes in them until it was convenient to the worldbuilding to add them there. Like Sanderson (whose imagination is usually superb) was running out of ideas and was feeling too cheap to actually come up with a unique explanation for the kandra.

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Also, it took almost three hundred pages before he'd just give in and explain what all the kandra's Blessings are all about - by which time I'd already known for over a hundred pages, but I was supposed to act surprised at the big revelation? Ugh. The pacing of this book is awful. Seriously, everything that's happened so far could have been edited and squeezed down into maybe fifty pages total. 90% of it all is just filler, praise for Elend, and reiterating things like the way the metals work, Marsh's brainwashing, Sazed's moping, and Vin's shirts.