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The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

So, Elend's brilliant plan is to go attend Yomen's ball - again. And this time, Elend plans to "confront" him while Vin sneaks away and secretly robs his treasury. He thinks this'll work because all of Yomen's defenses and soldiers and whatnot will be concentrated on Elend and Yomen and nobody will see Vin disappearing.


First, let me point out that Sanderson took his time praising the plan like it was some kind of genius. The only reason he did this was obviously because the plan was Elend's, and Sanderson takes every opportunity - and invents some I wouldn't even have thought of - to praise Elend.


Second, here we go: if they think Yomen is a big enough idiot to fall for this stupid stupid plan - aka to focus all his defenses in one spot AND NOT PAY ATTENTION TO BOTH MISTBORN WHO ARE WANDERING AROUND IN HIS CITY, why the heck is Yomen even considered to be a threat?


And third, GUYS. YOMEN HATES BOTH OF YOU. YOU'RE BOTH MISTBORN. YOU'D THINK MAYBE HE'D KEEP YOU BOTH UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT NO MATTER WHAT. Especially at a big social event like a ball, with so many people watching. Vin was the center of attention for half the people at the last ball she attended - why does Elend think she'll be able to creep away so easily now?


Ugh. Their stupidity is beyond me, I can't comprehend it even when I try really hard. And I'm not a smart person. (Maybe that's why they think this'll work on Yomen, actually? Maybe he's just too smart a person to believe they could be this stupid, so he'll overlook some stuff he shouldn't ever possibly overlook?)