Hello! My name is Alexis. I love reading, reviewing, drawing, and writing. And cats. I love bright colors and things that glitter. I'll give most books a try if you put them in front of me. Pandora Hearts is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. (Well, that and cats.)

I'm brutally honest in all my reviews, I'm opinionated, I have a sharp temper, and I'm also painfully shy. I wish I could speak ten or twenty languages. Show me a cat, a picture of Xerxes Break, or a picture of Sephiroth to make me instantly happy. Or just talk to me. I don't bite. :)

I'm re-reading all of Perrault's, Grimm's and Andersen's fairy tales at the moment. It's lots of fun. :)

Currently reading

Abbi Glines
Progress: 45/165 pages
Dawn of the Arcana, Vol. 03
Rei Tōma
Progress: 15/200 pages
Kiss of Rose Princess, Band 1 (Kiss of the Rose Princess, #1)
Aya Shouoto, 硝音あや, Hiro Yamada
Progress: 45/200 pages
Crimson Shell
Jun Mochizuki
Rosemary and Rue
Seanan McGuire