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Existence - Abbi Glines

I took another bite of my sandwich, not wanting to answer her question. I didn't care who Leif Montgomery hooked up with but, yes, I felt most certain he would hook back up with Kendra. They happen to be the 'golden couple'. Everyone knew this and expected it. Their type always lived up to their name.


First - gosh, MC, why are you even friends with Miranda if you always ignore her, dump her and refuse to talk to her? She can only talk about one thing, you know, she's only cardboard - you need to be understanding and supportive.


Or just get rid of her and make better friends, because honestly, I wouldn't waste my breath talking to her, either.


Second - it says "they happen to be the 'golden couple'". Present tense. But the rest of that paragraph was written in past tense. Are they still the golden couple in the MC's present day, from whenever she's writing this narrative? Or can she just not get her tenses straight?