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Existence - Abbi Glines

"...He and I seem to be able to talk for hours. I love his mind and he has traveled all over the world. My mind is always turning when he talks of places and things I've never seen."




I raised my eyebrows and leaned close to her. "And he's a hottie."


She giggled, which was not a normal sound for my mom to make. "Oh, now that's not why I like him. It's his mind and the conversation."


"I laughed out loud. Sure it is, Mom, you just keep telling yourself that lie."


Uhhhh, why exactly does Pagan not believe her mom when she says she likes the guy for his personality? She actually refuses to believe it and calls it a lie.


Is it so impossible to actually enjoy a guy's company, to like hanging out with him and talking with him more than looking at his face? Really? Because on the list of things that make me like a person, APPEARANCE IS NOT EVEN A FACTOR.


Mad-Eye Moody is hideous, and I love him to pieces. I adore the guy, I think he's hilarious and genius and awesome in every way.


Edward Cullen is an annoying, whiny, possessive creep who won't let his girlfriend visit her friends, he won't trust her judgement, he won't let her live her life the way she wants to even when it's not hurting her or anybody else. I do not care that he's pretty to look at. I despise him.




So quit it, Pagan, because maybe your mom actually likes the guy for who he is and not what he looks like, and if she did that would be a good thing.