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Existence - Abbi Glines

"Let's think of something I'm passionate about."


This one shouldn't take him long to figure out. Some football topic or sports related issue had to be swirling around in his head. I reached over to open the notebook. "Got any ideas?" I asked.


He appeared deep in thought. It surprised me a little. How deep could one get when it came to football? "The importance of adoption."


I started to write down his answer as his words slowly sank in Adoption? He wanted to write about adoption? "Okay," I replied wondering if he would elaborate on why he wanted to discuss this. I completely agreed with him, but how could Mr. Popular be passionate about something so important?


Oh no, how dare the guy actually have a working brain in his head! How dare he talk about anything except football! How dare he actually have a valid opinion on any subject besides sports, just because he plays football? How dare he pick a subject that might actually matter? *sarcasm*

I mean, disliking the guy is fine. Expecting him to be an arrogant jerk is fine, if you've based this opinion off of past experience or observations. But actually being surprised that he has a brain, just because he likes sports, is - is - I can't even.........


I mean, even if you enjoy or play sports, you're still human, and you still have turning cogs in your brain, right? (I know people don't actually have cogs in their brains. You know what I mean.) Not all sports fans, even jocks, are idiotic trolls. That's a stereotype that I hate. Real people are more complex than that. -__-


I mean, I'll probably hate Leif, here, too. But at least I'm not assuming he's brain-dead like Pagan is. I at least need evidence before I decide.