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Existence - Abbi Glines

Kendra reached up and ran her fingers through Leif's hair. It was sickening to watch. He was such a good guy and she was pure evil.


Wait. She's evil because she ran her fingers through her boyfriend's hair in public? But your "best friend" is apparently always kissing her boyfriend in public, and somehow that doesn't make her even more evil? I'm confused, Pagan dear. you aren't making sense.


"You sure coming over last night wasn't a big deal? I would hate to mess things up with you and your girlfriend," she cooed.


"You know she isn't my girlfriend, Kendra. Stop calling her that. You'll start talk." His voice sounded annoyed......




"You spend a lot of time at her house and she is always looking at you."


"She's my tutor and no, she isn't looking at me. You're just being paranoid when you have no reason to be."


I clinched my empty hand into a fist thinking about all the times he had fooled me into thinking he was a nice guy. He was just as mean and calculating as Kendra.


Hold it! Seriously, Pagan? Just because a guy reassures his girlfriend that he isn't having an affair with some other girl (aka you), you instantly go all cold on him and assume that he's a horrible person to the core?


Isn't it perfectly natural for a guy to tell his girlfriend that he's not cheating on her? Especially when he has no choice but to go to his tutor's house every day, you know, to learn important stuff? He has to go there, even if it makes his girlfriend suspicious. Why does it make him a demon because he tried to put her mind at ease?


He can be evil and horrible for doing all kinds of things. This isn't one of them, Pagan. So cut it out before I throw my e-reader across the room.