Hi hi~


I'm back! Hello, friends new and old!! (I don't mean "old" like you're aging, just that I don't know you yet :D) 


So, bad news: in the past year since I've logged in, my ereader and my computer have crashed individually, so I've lost a lot of my notes and stuff and not done much reading recently. I lost over 30 pages of notes on Hero of Ages, so although I'd love to review it (finally), I'll actually have to reread the darned thing to do it justice. Sigh.


Maybe later :)

Anyway, I missed Booklikes and you guys a lot, but I sure hope they've updated and expanded their manga section or else - that's one of the reasons I haven't been around. I've read mostly manga in the past couple of months and can't wait to update.


My first order of business is actually to finish Existence, though - fun, fun, right? My sister's reading Sweet Evil with me at the same time, so at least we can complain together. So let's do this!


Maybe it's not as bad as I remember.