Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Okay, so, it wasn't the absolute worst book I've ever read. I liked it somewhat more than I liked Hush, Hush *shudder*

The author was really young when she wrote it, and I'm sure she was starstruck by Twilight and all the other YA books out there nowadays - I'll cut her some slack.

That said, I still didn't like the thing.

For the first few pages, I was actually surprised that the writing style wasn't totally horrible, but when he appeared, I knew I was in trouble. Insta-love on a silver platter...

The book just got worse and worse the farther it went on. I started dozing off, jerking myself awake when my chin punched my collarbone. I started getting irritated with the characters. Even Gabriel, who I tried really hard to like, was just so boring. I don't find anything interesting in reading about angels playing housekeeper, or going to school (I mean, couldn't they have said she was homeschooled or something, at least? She's an angel, it's not like she needs to learn trigonometry), going to dances, parties, sharing gooey eyes with human dudes.

If I have to hear about his floppy, "adorable" hair ONE MORE TIME, my head might explode.

Bethany was as flat as paper and had about as much personality as a blank chalkboard. The only time she ever did anything that surprised me, was when she would fail to notice some obvious clue or she'd put her foot in where it didn't belong and get in trouble.

For angels who were sent to Earth to make the world a little bit better, they sure seemed to waste a lot of hours baking. And dusting. And taking walks on the beach. I don't mean just Bethany, either - they were all in on the housekeepers' conspiracy.

My suspension of disbelief was strained to the limit for a while, and then it snapped. Jake was a . . . and their wings were . . . and if an angel does this, then . . . but nobody cares about . . . AND APPARENTLY NO ONE CARES IF BETHANY SPENDS 99% OF EVERY DAY SITTING IN HER BOYFRIEND"S LAP?! I mean . . . whaaaa? You're angels, you were sent here for a divine purpose, and you don't do anything you can be proud of, except learn to pull at your skirts so you can get sunshine on your skin. Ergh.

There was just . . . so much nothing in this book. So much wandering around, so many bad one-liner angel jokes, so many characters I wanted to shake until their teeth rattled. If you read it, I seriously hope you enjoy it more than I did.