Bitterwood - James Maxey This book wasn't bad; I really kind of liked it. I liked that the dragons were actually the main focus, as opposed to being a convenient backdrop for the human cast. That said, the dragons were just a bit too strange for me. Too civilized, almost too human in themselves. I'm all for intelligent, cunning dragons, but I prefer them to be less human in their motivations and moods.

Some of the other stuff in the book was also just a bit too much. I don't think androids, Atlantis, nanites, swordfights, futuristic Star Trek-y cultures, and ancient castles clash very well. It didn't throw me off entirely, but I wish it had been toned down a bit--and the writing picked up a bit. It was not really defining of the author's style, but was a bit cheap and bland. What makes Maxey stand out is the content, not how it's presented.

The characters were good, but not exceptional--except for the evil-mad-scientist dragon. He was awesome. And I really liked Bitterwood, but he wasn't in the book enough for me to get to love him like I wanted to.

Do I recommend it?...Yeah, sure. It's worth a try. I just think it would only appeal to a very specific type of reader. I'll get around to reading the next one eventually, I hear it's better than this one.