Pegasus - Robin McKinley I liked 99.9% of this book. The world building was beautiful, the pegasi were interesting, and Sylvi, while horribly naive and a bit useless, was all right. Ebon was a good character. The cultures were believable and intricate.

It was too slow for my tastes, though--far too slow. And it made me wonder, more than any book I've ever read, how so many words can go into describing so little? Apologies, but I would have loved to see a battle or two between some of the mentioned-in-passing monsters.

These faults, however, are mainly forgivable. I would have liked to give the book 3 or even 4 stars, except for the last 3 pages. I cannot actually call it an "ending", because it wasn't one. The book comes to a screeching halt, roll the credits, in the middle of a scene, in the middle of a paragraph, and almost in the middle of a sentence. That made me angry and entirely killed all of my interest in the series.

If you enjoy slow, easygoing books with beautiful writing and very little action, read this . . . but after the sequels arrive, or you may get whiplash from the sudden stop.