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Divergent - Veronica Roth

Been too long since my last official update, so I'm going to complain about some of the dumbest parts I've encountered recently.


The part where Al was crying because he was homesick. He tried to keep it quiet and didn't make a big deal about it or whine about it or anything, but somehow Tris ACTUALLY STOPS HERSELF FROM COMFORTING HIM, because she somehow thinks it makes her braver to feel disdain. WHY? How exactly does being an unkind, unsympathetic, heartless witch make you braver? What on earth did comforting a homesick boy have to do with her own bravery? Ever heard that cowards don't cry? Hmm? Because sometimes it takes a lot of courage to actually break down and shed a few tears, instead of smashing it all up inside.


Not that these idiots would think of that.....


And the part where Tris is wondering if it's okay to want to win her first fight. Ugh. She actually asks herself if wanting to win makes her selfish, or brave? Ummmmmmm, idiot girl, you LEFT the selfless clan behind, so shut up about being selfish - we all know that if you were selfless, you wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have to be reading about you. Selfishness has nothing to do with your new faction, 'kay? So IT DOES NOT MATTER if wanting to win is selfish or not.


......Oh, and wanting to win doesn't make you brave, either. Plenty of cowards in the world WANT to win, and even DO win. It has nothing to do with bravery. At all.


And the part where Eric has Christina hanging off the railing for no reason? Um, yeah, no. Just no. If his first instinct is to punish kids by putting them in seriously life-threatening situations, whyyyyyy is he in charge of the newbies? Don't any of these people have any brains?


Oh. And when Al went to help Christina up, Eric said that she had to do it on her own. Al snapped at him and helped her up anyway, and Eric let it slide. That was totally not in character - I mean, if you can just talk back to him any time you like and do what he tells you not to, why is he even scary? He should've reinforced the command or pushed Al away from her, or something.


And the part where Al is being nice to her and reassuring her that her face isn't too badly beat up, and she instantly thinks, "He has a crush on me. Oh no. I could never love anyone who's so fragile." Just shut up, girl. First, he actually WON his first fight, and you didn't. And you've had plenty of second thoughts and trouble adapting to your new environment, too. And he actually has the time and inclination to still be nice to you. I think he's a heck of a lot stronger than you. Also, I have no sympathy for people who jump to conclusions like that - maybe A) he actually wants to be your friend and nothing more, or B) he's just nicer than you, or C) you're too stupid to actually know what type of people you could love, and being so petty and judgemental is disgusting, so stop whining.


Smart money's on C, in my opinion.