Ranting Noooooo

Hey guys! Haven't been on for a while, and I missed you like crazy. :) We got tons of stuff done, though--most of our Christmas shopping and stuff, so yaaay. I hate the buying and the waiting part, though. And keeping secrets. I WANT TO GIVE THEM THEIR STUFF, DANG IT. (I'm terrible. And it's even worse when I know what someone got someone else, because then more secrets. Why can't I time travel and just skip on to Christmas?.....But then I'd have to come back anyway and do the waiting again. Grrrr. I can't win.)


And since my gunblade keychain got lost a few months ago (;____; it was Squall's and my absolute favorite keychain), I went and bought myself a new gunblade. I thought it was Squall's from the picture, but now I have it and it's actually Yazoo's. :D Somehow that actually makes me happier. I don't love Yazoo or anything, but it's from Advent Children and Yazoo was technically kind of a part of Seph, and you guys know how I feel about Seph, so.....happy. Yay. And it still reminds me of Squall. I'm wearing it around my neck now, though - it's not running away from me like the last one did. (Here's where you realize that this update has absolutely nothing to do with books.)


I reread Carol Berg's book Transformation AGAIN. Must be the thirtieth time. I adore that book. It's got problems, sure, but it's awesome. And I adore Seyonne and Aleksander, they're one of the most unlikely and most perfect teams in all history. (NO. It's not romantic. They're like brothers.)


And.....it's been snowing. Ugh. I hate snow. Yay for all those kids who want a white Christmas, but I still hate the snow. And my favorite pair of boots kicked the bucket last winter, so this year I'm stuck with the Deathtrap Boots, which have the absolute worst traction on the face of the planet. They actually have this fuzz on the soles, which slips and slides on even non-icy ground when it gets damp. Pfft.


Oh, and I wrote lots of stuff in the last few days. And I erased tons of stuff, but hey. At least my story's going better than usual. :) Remind me not to kill off my favorite characters in the future. I end up missing them and then I'm miserable and I want to bring them back to life, which--just no. 


Hope you guys are having an awesome winter!! *hugs* And here's an adorable Reno gif to make you feel better if you're not. :)








........Or, maybe I'll just post three adorable Reno gifs. Yeah. Whatever....... :D