Way of the Warrior

Young Samurai The Way of the Warrior - Chris Bradford

I think I actually didn't hate this book when I read it years ago. I should have. I mean, look at even the title - generic much?


Inside this book is a really stupid and uncredited through-the-looking-glass-type-alternate-reality-version of the Sengoku period from Japanese history. Every single name you can think of from that era is thrown in here, I think just because the author wanted to cram them all into one place and didn't have the originality to think of his own. Even his main character's name - wow, I can see he worked so hard to make the guy stand out in a crowd.


Some of the characters and places and circumstances are ripped straight out of history and botched pretty horribly - Date Masamune, Miyamoto Musashi, etc. And based around these things is possibly the most bland and cliché storyline I've ever had the misfortune to come into contact with.


Oh yeah, and the main character, who's an idiot, learns to speak perfect Japanese in twenty-four hours . . . all for the convenience of the aforementioned plot. I know it's a kid's book, but really . . .? Kids have the right to read good stuff, too, and this is ridiculous. This book isn't even worth one of my ranting reviews. It's useless and annoying. The only reason I don't give it a half-star is because Yamato (poor guy with the blandest name the author could think up), as cliché as he was, actually gained my sympathy.


Yamato, you should have been in a better book. I'm sorry.


Oh, and I didn't see anywhere that the author admitted to ripping off everything from the Sengoku era that he could get his paws on. He probably said it somewhere, but not in the book that I saw. It seems like maybe he should have, since nothing in the whole book didn't have that era to thank for its existence?


I'm not making sense, and I'm starting to get angry. Shutting up now.