Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 526 pages.

The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson

Elend is God. Did you know that Elend is God? Because he is - he's the most perfect, unrealistically powerful, flaw-free character to punch me in the face with his perfection since . . . EVER.




But OH MY GOSH I LOVE SAZED AND BREEZE. I'd forgotten how awesome they were. ♥ ♥ 

And I'm so happy that Breeze is okay, although from the way he was messed up in the last book I kind of expected him to be a little more . . . messed up? But he seems to be back to normal.

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But seriously Sanderson, enough with the cheap shots at Kelsier, okay?

He's not called the Survivor because he survived the entire war - he's called the Survivor because he survived Hell before the war started. Trust me, he earned it. AND BY THE WAY, HE DIED SO THAT ALL OF YOU COULD WIN YOUR SILLY WAR. SO STOP ACTING LIKE HE WAS USELESS AND IDIOTIC.

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Really. I love Vin and Sazed and TenSoon and Breeze and the rest of the gang

who are still alive - and I adored lots of them who aren't

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- but Kelsier is the reason I'm still reading these books. There aren't many things that would make me suffer through 1000+ pages of Elend's blinding perfection, and Kelsier's one of them. SO CUT IT OUT WITH THE CHEAP SHOTS AT KELSIER OKAY. ASFGSASJFSGHS