Bloody Cross, Vol. 3 - Komeyama Shiwo

I finally received my third volume of Bloody Cross today. (It only took about two months to get here.....) So yay, since I own a brand-new shiny volume of a not-so-awesome manga, I can read it even though I'm not finished with HoA yet, right?


Right. If owning a copy of another book was the solution, I'd have read Skulduggery ages ago. But whatever.


I had to add the cover for this volume, by the way, but I can't add the author - which is apparently missing. I swear when I added this book to my to-reads two months ago it did have a cover and author, but something obviously got messed up during one of BL's reboots.


So if there's any way we can add the author, that'd be the meantime, for reference purposes, her name's either Komeyama Shiwo or Yoneyama Shiwo, depending on where you look - I've never heard it spoken aloud and the Kanji can go either way.