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Death Bringer (Skulduggery Pleasant) - Derek Landy

Gah, I forgot about Caelan. I had mixed feelings about him in the last book, there were a couple places where he was funny or pretty cool, but there's just no getting around the vampire angle. And now he's successfully starting to make me hate Valkyrie, too....and I love Valkyrie to pieces any time Caelan isn't around.


Seriously though, why the heck would she be hanging out with Caelan 

when she's with Fletcher? Way to make your MC more sympathetic. Let's have her cheat on her boyfriend for no reason! (sarcasm) I get it, Caelan's pretty to look at, wow, how special. He doesn't even have that much of a personality, except for being all moody and gloomy 24/7. I expected more of her than this.


Oh, and it doesn't help that half his dialogue in his first scene was ripped straight out of Twilight. It'd have been funny if I hadn't read Twilight, but I did, so.....ugh.

(show spoiler)



I mean, I don't like Fletcher either - mostly because of the repetitiveness of his hair and wimp jokes - but really, Valkyrie?


(But other than the Caelan thing - and I admit I'd completely forgotten he existed in the series until he showed up five pages ago - I'm really loving this book.)