Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Vol 2

Black Butler - Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura

Some spoilers below.


I'm starting to see a pattern here, and if it continues I'm thinking I will never love this series as much as some people do.

I liked that this volume had more of a storyline than the first one. It wandered less, colored Sebastian's character a bit more, and actually introduced a couple of slightly demonic elements to the otherwise bland environment. I also was really, really happy when Ciel's secondary servants didn't appear past the first chapter, because MY GOSH they are so pathetic. They aren't funny, they aren't cute, and their existence makes no sense whatsoever. I think if Ciel knew how adept they really are, he'd have them kicked out of the mansion before they could get out a syllable of protest.

.....Unfortunately for me, Ciel really isn't intelligent enough to notice things like that, and Seb insists on covering for them every step of the way. I mean, it says in Seb's contract that he should loyally carry out Ciel's orders, right? It doesn't say that he has to do everything himself, whether Ciel wants it done or not. Does it?

The cover art on this volume is so boring. It looks just like the cover art on the first volume. No different colors, no different characters, nothing. I'd like to see a little more imagination, please?

One thing I didn't post in my status updates: I'm noticing a creepy almost-romance thing going on between Seb and Ciel, and it's really really nasty. Ciel is TWELVE, isn't he? And human. And nothing but prey to Seb, who is a who-knows-how-old monster. I'm hoping the doe-eyes and suggestive gestures stop really fast, because it's disgusting to me.

So is dressing Ciel up like a girl for half the volume. I don't find that funny, I find it mildly insulting.

So . . . yeah. I'll read the next one and hope I get more demons, fewer household catastrophes, and absolutely no more doe-eyes.


My original status updates:


1) "The artwork on these can be pretty some of the time, if nothing else. The roses drawn on the endpapers are really well done."


2) "I dunno, Seb, I personally think you could do with a haircut. You'd look so greasy in real life with that hair..."


3) "How on EARTH did this girl get a job as laundress?! Ciel lives in a big mansion, I'm sure he pays a lot. Wasn't there a single remotely competent person vying for the position? Not one?

She can't even read. Good grief. I can think of more interesting ways to make Seb look like a hero, than showing us that he can read Roman Numerals..."


4) "So, Seb likes cats. He just went up a point in my estimation.

He'll go up again when he kills off the house staff..."


5) "Seb's hair keeps changing. When he's facing to the left, the long piece is on the far side. When he faces the camers, it's on the same side - his right. BUT when he turns around, sometimes the long piece moves inexplicably to the left side of his head.

I don't get it."


6) "That panel is so a Break ripoff. -_- Let's draw Ciel with his head tilted at that angle, one eye covered, that expression on his face, and a fork in his mouth. My conviction that Yana Toboso worships Jun is growing by the page.

And no, I'm not impressed. Give me 20+ characters of your own that I can love, and then we'll talk. *sigh* I shouldn't be reading this. I'm not in a fair state of mind. Sorry, guys..."


7) "Woooow, those sure are some disguises. Every single person looks exactly like they normally do.

Seb, dude, the glasses disguise only works for Superman. You might not have noticed, but you're not Superman."


8) "I don't like the way Toboso so blatantly copies her panels. She doesn't even try to make it look like she drew each one by hand..."


9) "I'm assuming the viscount is Yana Toboso's verion of Vincent Nightray? Because he looks like he has a hero-worship thing going for Vincent...

Also, Ciel hasn't been trained to walk, talk, curtsey, eat, or generally act like a Victorian-era lady. His disguise would never EVER fool even a blind person."


10) ""Whether it be to avenge or take revenge on someone's behalf, these are just pretty words..."

They are? I know this is just a translation from another language, but is repeating yourself in THIS language pretty? Hahaha, I'm so confused..."


11) "Ohhh, so SEBASTIAN is a Shinigami? What, there are no other words for Japenese beasties out there that Toboso might have used?

No red cloaks yet, but Seb'll probably throw one on here in a sec."


12) "Wait, what? There was evidence like that just lying around, and no one suspected enough to actually take a closer look?"


13) "Ahhh, and a scythe, too. Naturally, we couldn't not have one of those."


14) ""Unfun"? Seriously? My family and I have been laughing at people who say that for years."


15) "Ahh, here we go, the gloves come off. Again. Seems like the whole manga was just building up to Seb removing his gloves."

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