Evermore - Alyson Noel

I don't like hating books, it gives me a headache and makes me feel bad whenever I think about it. I can't help it, though - some books just need to burn.

The book was a blatant ripoff of Twilight, which it loses points for before anything else. The writing was bland and cheesy; the characters were either loathsome, brainless, just plain annoying; or a combination of the three. There were so many plot-holes and lazy-author conveniences in it there was barely anything left of it to read at all!

The message in this book is disgusting. Every character's inner thoughts were disgusting, the way they executed their ideas was disgusting. The "romance" in it was cheap and sour and consisted mainly of people mooning over each others' pretty faces and other bodily attributes.

Damen is the absolute dumbest "hero" in existence. Ever is, I think, one of the most despicable and nasty characters I've ever stumbled across. She spent a huge chunk of the book drunk, slobbering all over her bedroom floor, because she thought she wasn't good enough for Damen! Well, girl, it isn't actually that hard to be good enough for a loser like that, so what does that make you?

This book is also a sackful (a dirty, grimy sack that's been dragged across an eight-week-untended stable floor and then stuffed with fuzzy handfuls of mold) of cliches. Every romantic cliche you can think of, and most character cliches to boot, are in here. They aren't lightened by touches of originality, either - rather, they were all thrown into the blender with the aforementioned sack and put on "high" until it vomited from pure disgust.

And do you know what the sad part is? It wasn't the mold or the stable-residue that made it vomit.

This book is greasy and foul. Books like this make me wonder why humans are the dominant race on Earth...and if they can be redeemed.


Be smarter than me; stay away from it at all costs.

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